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A senior from the past....

Thursday, April 06, 2006

This is a photo from a senior portrait session that happened a couple of years ago. Alyson and I went down to the Old State Bank building in Decatur and took advantage of some colorful foliage.

Every city and community has them...the locations that have become cliche for every photographer in town to shoot there for portraits. This area has become one of those cliches. Sometimes though it's nice to go to these places and work extra hard to come up with something that is unique and fresh...even though the location has been shot to death. I was pretty happy with the results.

posted by Dave
Thursday, April 06, 2006


Anonymous Michael said...

Hey Dave! Nice work so far on the new DHP blog. I've enjoyed reading your personal blog over the last few months, which accounts for the occasional hysterical laughter coming from the general area of my workstation. I like your approach to shooting portraits in popular areas from a different perspective; I've been doing something similar recently in Athens, except I'm using the locations themselves as the subjects. Check it out at http://michaelbuchanan.net, and keep up the good work!

11:01 AM  

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