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Andrea and Bobby

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Exactly one month from tomorrow Andrea and Bobby are getting married! So we headed out to...uh....ok...I'm ashamed to say. Here's the deal...we went to Mooresville. Now I don't want to say that Mooresville is getting too popular among portrait photographers...but at one point I looked up and could see two other photographers shooting within 100 yards of me. It's probably time I found another "go to" location!

We did slip down a wildlife refuge road nearby to make these images.

I did a little experimenting with textures...it's not perfect...but I like it...

I believe this is my favorite shot from the whole afternoon.

This is at the door of the Post Office...where coincidently I now need to go to purchase a license to photograph in this area...yeah...who knew?

More R.D.A. (Rural Display of Affection)

I had a blast you guys! I'll see you in a month!

posted by Dave
Tuesday, May 01, 2007