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We are Guloggers

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Guest + Blogger = Guloggers....now you know.

Mega blogger Gary Cosby Jr. has something called "readers" that he likes to keep happy. It's an odd concept but Coz likes to keep content flowing on his blog....A Little News Photo. He recently took a vacation and myself and Anna were honored to be guest speakers to his ever growing virtual audience. My friends and former co-workers Corey Wilson and Jonathan Palmer were also guests of The Coz.

Why do I call Coz a mega blogger you ask? Well there is a man named David Hobby. He's the modern day yoda of off camera flash. He is The Strobist. Now what is the first blog listed in his blog roll? Yeppers....you guessed it....the father of eight himself. Does alphabetization have anything to do with his #1 spot....maybe....or it could be that The Strobist's has his favorite blogs ranked by number of dependents.....OR it could just be in order from awesome to less awesome. We may never know.


So here are the links to the blogs Anna and I wrote.

Here's mine
Here's Anna's

While reading please keep this in mind...if writing and shooting ability is indeed measured by the amount of offspring....Anna and I have only a dog....a dog with a blinking problem at that.


posted by Dave
Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Anonymous Gary Cosby Jr. said...

My friend, you are hilarious. Where in the heck did you dig up that photo of me? Had to be from the days when you were at The Daily right? Nice. And thanks to you and Anna for being guloggers, errr, whatever!

8:02 AM  
Blogger Michael Buchanan said...

Great job by both of you on the guest spots. I've been a fan of David Hobby and his lighting philosophy since the early days of the Strobist project, and it's been amazing to watch how things have progressed for everyone involved over the last few years.

11:41 AM  

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