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The Tenderloin Clause

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Back in late February I shot an editorial job for a trade magazine named "Convenience Store News for the Single Store Owner". I drove a few miles south to Dodge City and photographed the owner of the Dodge City Amoco. I came away with some great images...and the best pork tenderloin biscuit I think I have ever eaten.

I haven't seen a hard copy of the magazine yet but they have a small preview on their website...

Here are a couple of the cover images that I submitted.

It looks like they used one similar to this one for their cover.

This was another one of my favorites....

So if you ever find yourself in Dodge City, AL near Cullman and need a bite to eat....this place has got you covered. I didn't have their lunch...but their breakfast was pretty awesome.

I think that in all of my future contracts I will include a pork tenderloin biscuit requirement....it's only fair.

posted by Dave
Thursday, April 05, 2007


Blogger Crystal said...

WOW these look very editorial. Can you make me look that good too, lol?

9:30 PM  

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