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Blizzard '09

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Living in Alabama you can count on three things.

1. You can count on finding a convenience store that sells bait, rents videos, has tanning beds, and serves breakfast and lunch.
2. You can count on seeing (on average) 8.5 people you know in Wal-Mart every time you are in that place.
3. When it snows people freak out.

When Anna and I got up to get ready for church this morning snow was falling and there was already about an inch on the ground.

Being the dog freak that I am I let Wilson out and begin taking pictures of him reacting to the snow.


No new experience is complete without a little crazy Labrador run. If you own a Lab....you are probably familiar with this.




Then I let my wife out and begin taking pictures of her reacting to the snow.


Head and Shoulders anyone?


Then I let myself out and had Anna take pictures of me reacting to the snow. I had to squeeze years of missed winter wonderland experiences into about 10 minutes before we left.


It's a good thing we took pictures this morning when we did....by the time we got home from lunch...it was all gone. I don't mean...mostly gone...I mean it was ALL gone. However....I guarantee there are places opening late tomorrow morning. This concludes my Blizzard 2009 coverage.

posted by Dave
Sunday, March 01, 2009


Blogger Corey said...

I'm glad you both survived the panic-laden experience. In Green Bay we call the type snow you guys had - mist. I bet the town shut down for sure.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

Hey man! I just now saw where you had left a comment. I have started moderating my comments and haven't gotten in the habit of checking!

Yeah....I always post stuff like this hoping that the true winter warriors won't read it!

You guys are probably a couple of months from thawing out still right?

Good to hear from you!


7:38 PM  

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