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Dave's Thought #424

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Most people have had countless thoughts. Not me...I've managed to keep mine under 500.

I came to a realization a few years ago....shortly before this photo was taken at a hockey game in Huntsville...


I don't want to be sitting at my retirement party watching the slide show and be bored. If all I did in every single picture was look at the camera and smile....how boring will it be for our kids to look back at their father's life? So I made a promise to myself (Brooks/Blazy 1989) that I would strive to go the extra mile in every picture I am a part of.

Below you will see an early adopter of my theory...Mr. Bart Smith. We figure that a thumbs up puts a positive spin on every photo in which it is displayed.


Sometimes just the extra effort of just taking a photo does the job....as seen below in this picture of myself and one of my heroes.


Sometimes a gesture can simply be informative. "What are these guys having their photo made together for? Oh....they are pointing at each others respective vest...I get it."


Some people are just begging to be pointed at....whether it be because of awesomeness or unawesomeness. In the example below...Paul Thorn is awesome....thus the point.



Sometimes one's gesture or posture can answer a question. "Is Dave serious about wearing that cape?" The question "Is Dave bowlegged?" could also be asked in this instance.


How will folks know if we are happy if we don't illustrate it in some way?


Ok this is just a picture of me tossing a ziploc bag full of chicken breast in the air....no real explanation needed really.




When you see the three finger gun and a thumbs up in one photo....somebody's having a good night.

The suit

You know when players are being carted off the football field after a season ending injury and they give a thumbs up to the crowd? Everyday people do that too....you know...to put the lady on aisle 7 at ease.


So here is my challenge to all of you.....take your photos to the next level. Don't just lean in and smile like a Phi Mu on bid day....show me something interesting.

posted by Dave
Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Blogger Bart said...

Great photo tips, Dave! As seen in one of the example photos I am a graduate student of the "David Higginbotham College of Photo Enhancement"

I've impressed countless possible employers with my techniques. I am sure it'll land me a big job someday. Not to mention the respect and admiration of my friends, family and random onlookers.

You're the best! (thumbs-up)

4:44 PM  

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