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Justin and Micah

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

From time to time I have request from people to shadow me on sessions. I've never quite figured out the best way to make this happen that won't short change my clients or the people who come along so I decided to set up a little instructional session. To say I "set up" anything is being fairly generous considering all I did was find a couple for a session. It wasn't a workshop by any stretch. Just a few other photographers who tagged along.

I've known Justin for a really long time and have gotten to know his wife Micah as well. They were more than willing to help out. Now if I could only figure out a way to get him to return the favor.


I had grand ideas of cool, spring sunlight, backlit photos but mother nature had other ideas in mind....like cloud cover for most of the session. So I improvised and created my own....ahem...square shaped sun.


This also gave me an opportunity to crank up the ISO on the D3 for a change....we certainly are a long way from the Nikon D1 I started out with in my digital career.


If you have never asked someone you go to church with to crawl on top of each other....I suggest you just don't. It makes for awkward Sunday mornings....the up side...it makes for nice photos!




Justin claims that he doesn't arch his eyebrows like this on purpose. Whatever...it's clearly his secret wife gettin' weapon.



I don't know what these bushes below are called...but they should be called Fry Guy Bushes.




Thanks again for your help Micah and Justin! If you need insurance....or a personal trainer...these two have got you covered. Whether you are planning on your body falling apart...or trying for it not to....they can help either way!

posted by Dave
Tuesday, April 28, 2009


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