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I'm almost back at it.....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Well I am almost recovered from my surgery. I have watched about 300 episodes of CSI (both NY and Vegas) and have looked out the front windows of my house almost as many times. I am thankful for the time to recover....but I am done with sitting around! Wow.

Tonight I was able to go watch my niece Kate at her dance recital. Now I rarely bring anything but a point-and-shoot camera to my family events. I know...that makes me a horrible person...but it's the whole cobbler's kids have no shoes thing. I have taken my camera to a few of my nephews baseball games but I usually fail in the "provide your family with good photos" department. Well luckily tonight I was so ready to have a chance to shoot something I went to the extra effort. Plus I am a sucker for good stage lighting. By the way...what is it about a disco ball? Those things are hypnotic.

This is my youngest niece Tess watching a few of the other routines while holding the flowers they were going to give Kate afterward.


...and here is Ms. Kate during her routine.


I tried to convince Kate that I had a little routine that I threw together last minute hoping she could find a spot for me. No such luck. Their loss....it would have been life changing for everyone in attendance.



The big finish....


I should be back to posting regular here soon. Oh and I am also available to process any crime scene if anyone needs me for that as well. I can't promise that it would hold up in court....but I'm certain I could do it!

posted by Dave
Thursday, June 11, 2009


Anonymous Ashley King said...

Hi David! I'm so sorry to hear about your surgery...get better soon! These photos of your niece's dance recital are great. I hope all is well with your studio!

Ashley King

8:21 AM  

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